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Echo Lake Cafe was first established in 1960 by Dickie Conley and his sister, Betty. The restaurant had a few owners after the Conleys, and in 1996 Bob and Christi Young purchased it.


The Youngs spent time fully renovating the building and completely revamping the brand. They used the same logo style and menu from Fire Sign Cafe, their first restaurant, which they owned from 1980-2020 to create the new Echo Lake Cafe.

The couple reopened the restaurant in June of 1999. Since that day, Echo Lake Cafe has been a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike.

Both of the Young's restaurants have always involved the family. From their oldest sitting in a highchair in the kitchen at Fire Sign while they cooked, to employing all 3 of them later at Echo Lake Cafe. Amy, their middle child, worked at Echo Lake Cafe starting at just 12 years old. After graduating college, she and her husband, Mark, moved to CA, to run Fire Sign Cafe. They spent 5 years elevating Fire Sign and learning what it takes to operate a successful restaurant. In 2018, they moved back to MT to become part owners of ELC.


2022 started with the Young's official retirement, with Amy and Mark purchasing ELC from them. They are thrilled to continue with Amy's parent's legacy, while evolving as needed to keep their guests coming back!


Happiness is Homemade

"If we can't find a product we like, we just make it ourselves!" This concept has fueled our menu for over 20 years. And is the reason we make so many items from scratch!

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